• Career Advancement, Branding, Development, Transition


    We welcomed some accomplished career professionals, who discussed their process, journey, setbacks and more on our Award Winning  Metropolis Top 100 Podcast. LinkedIn influencer and Founder of Career Realism and Career HMO JT O’ Donnell Career Branding Executive Coaches Carrie and Andy Robinson NBC Sports Radio and NFL NY Giants Analyst Anita Marks Here is …

    November 19th • Business • Views: 275

  • 60/20/20 Marketing and Sales Formula


    There are formulas, rules and principles for building just about anything, including your credibility, likeability and trust, all necessary to grow your brand, business and make sales. As a follow up to my prior article Sales is Education, Selling is Educating, I wanted to share more about the 60/20/20 marketing and sales formula. The Pareto …

    November 12th • Business, Sales • Views: 262

  • Consider Adding Podcasting to Your Content Mix


    Originally posted on LinkedIn. Welcome to 21st century radio. It’s called podcasting and it’s on the rise and taking a more prominent role and place in our content mix. I’ve been a big fan and supporter of radio and listening, as a media a long time. Always have preferred listening over other ways to consume …

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  • Sales is Education, Selling is Educating


    Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman, not the attitude of the prospect. W Clement Stone Not only the attitude of the salesperson but their EQ, intuition and ability to educate prospects, not talk them into or cajole them into something they don’t really need or want. Just happened recently at an event, …

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  • 10th Annual New York XPO for Small Business

    I am honored and delighted to be participating, presenting and celebrating at the 10th New York Business Expo and Conference. If you are in the area, join us for 40 seminars, 200 products and services at the businesses expo, special events and unparalled networking opportunities all day long! Come meet and mingle with some of …

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  • Secure Job, Career or Work. What Matters Most?

    I love Work

    Every job we have matters to our career. I have had several jobs that filled the gaps in between career moves. Jobs that at the time I thought were menial, irrelevant and time wasters, but I can look back on every job and see that I got something out of them that plays into who …