• How Are You Branding Your Characteristics and Intangibles?


    A job post of today reads something like this: 20+ year company seeking sales professional with minimum 5 years of a proven sales success in increasing new business, expanding sales territory, categories of new business, existing account spending, displays a high level of loyalty, plays and works well with others, is a creative thinker, entrepreneurial …

    January 14th • Business • Views: 223

  • 8 Things Master Networkers Do Regulary

    Networking has taken a top spot now amongst our success skill priorities. It’s a must do, preferably consistently and purposefully. If we stop fighting and dredding it, and rather seek out, welcome and have fun with the opportunities networking yields, lots of great things can start happening fairly quickly. Meeting the right people, making quality …

    January 7th • Business • Views: 246

  • 2014 in Review: Pictures Are Worth a Thousand Words

    Post Card Sail Boats

    Sometimes we need to use Flipgram or another photo app to appreciate all the awesome things, people and moments we shared in the course of a year. It does go by fast these days. I am so blessed and grateful to have the life I have and the amazing family, friends and colleagues to share …

    January 1st • Business • Views: 305

  • Happy New Year Poem 2015


    Another year has flown by in lightning speed, We’ve navigated some storms but lived out more dreams. Whatever the challenge, we’ve found some solutions, It continues to come down to faith and execution. Life continues to teach me so many things, That I am resilient and kind and how much I believe. I’m thankful and …

    December 30th • Business • Views: 655

  • Why Don’t We Value Ourselves More?


    Why do we tend to devalue things we have done and accomplished, be it big or small? Projects we have worked on, goals we have achieved, initiatives we have taken on, campaigns, decisions, committees we have been a part of and teams we have worked on, all have influenced the success of things. It’s a …

    December 17th • Business • Views: 443

  • Confusion is the Wrong Reason to Go Rogue

    I have been confused many times about personal and professional decisions that I have had to make in my life. These are what I like to call “shapers and turning points”. They are pivotal moments that can change the course of things. In those moments, we sometimes just don’t know what to do, so we …

    December 10th • Business • Views: 547