• Infographic: 5 Ways to Keep Millennial Consumers Happy


    +-*I’ve been writing about small business, sales, marketing, social media and branding for the past 8 years.I really enjoy connecting with awesome people literally from all over the world. Recently, I was contacted by, COS Sales, based in the UK, who found my articles on Small Business Trends, and asked me to collaborate with them on an …

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  • 10 Insights From Local Small Business

    Mom's French Street

    +-*The Infusionsoft Icon 15 Small Business Conference was full of great ideas, dedicated people, savvy insights, thoughtful trends and some valuable ideas on where things are and are going for small business. The overall current temperament of Small Business is positive, hopeful, active and is finally in a growth cycle, rather than recovery. A welcomed environment …

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  • 6 Ingredients Enhance Our Recipe For Success


    +-*The recipe for success idea is quite timeless and is relative to each person’s perception and belief of what success is and means to them. A recipe is a set of directions with a list of ingredients for making or preparing something.  Recipe’s have basic, core ingredients, but any dedicated chef or foodie can tell you, that when …

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  • 10 Things That Power Positivity


    +-*“Confidence is contagious, so is the lack of confidence.” – Vince Lombardi Great advice from one of the most respected NFL coaches of all time and two time Super Bowl winner in 1966-67! There are so many silver linings from challenging cycles and times. I have witnessed nothing short of miraculous resilience in people in …

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  • Automation: Brand Builder Or Brand Killer For You?


    +-*I really enjoyed reading the article, Press “3″ If Automation is Making You Crazy, on the Harvard Business Review by co-founder of Fast Company, William C. Taylor . ABC’s 2020 just did a segment on more and more disgruntled customers posting personal horror stories online about their interactions with customer service representatives at call enters. …

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  • 10 Ways to Accessorize Your Brand!


    +-*In the fashion and design worlds, accessorizing makes an outfit or a room pop! It’s that splash of color, pattern or grouping that catches the eye and grabs the emotion. There are several essential items that every woman should have in her wardrobe: a cardigan, hoop earrings, black pumps, hair ties, scarves, sunglasses, and purses. …

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