• I Feel The Wisdom of The Mountain

    From just outside Ouray, Colorado, the Blue Lakes hike is one of the prettiest in state. To reach the lower lake, it is a nice 3.3 mile hike. But if you go this far, you need to continue on to the Middle and Upper Lakes. This view is just above Lower Blue Lake. The steep slopes of this alpine wonder are  filled with colorful Colorado wildflowers in July, making for an amazing view at ~ 11,500 feet.

    Picture: Blue Lake Mountain Colorado, July 27 2015 I feel the wisdom of the mountains, They make me want to know. There is a glory in this place I love, like no other I have known. Many truths have been revealed to me, that I’m supposed to know. When I listen to the wind, or …

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  • What Color is Your Brand and What Does It Say About You?


    Style, swag, vibe, personality..call it what you like but it’s all about how you define yourself, stand out, get noticed and create buzz for yourself and your business. You don’t have to be famous or outrageous to stand out. In fact, being famous and outrageous has proven to be a liability, as demonstrated by Charlie …

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  • Mountain Culture and Wisdom

    flowers IMG_2324

    Week two here in Boulder and we have settled in to a diverse schedule of recreation, culture, music, arts, entertainment and exploration. There is so much to do here each day. The people who live and play here have a several things in common. Outdoors lifestyle and fitness Learning and spirituality Creativity and innovation Fun …

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  • My Big Summer Adventure: Work to Live and Enjoy The Ride and View

    Before I Die IMG_2301

    There is a strange feeling when we start to think  and talk about retirement. I think that word is obsolete. The old idea of  retirement is pretty much gone. The retirement of my parents and their parents was having a job and career you for 30 or 40 years and then you retired and pretty …

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  • Don’t Avoid This 10 Point Checklist for Business Success


    Taking an inventory of products, processes and productivity is so important to the overall success and sustainability of any small business. NOW is a great time to be a small business, as we are in a growth period not recovering. Some might disagree but the optimism of the trends, numbers and results are all there. …

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  • My Summer Adventure: What’s Really Important?


    As I find and get into my Boulder routine, I am again reminded of what’s important to me and why I am in Boulder for the summer. New Experiences Doing new things in a new town is so exciting. There is a sense of not knowing exactly where you are going but with maps and …

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