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  • Social Media Code of Conduct


    I have been in media pretty much all my adult working life through my careers in education, entertainment, broadcast radio and small business. Traditional media including TV, cable, radio and print, now integrated and led by online, web and social media, offer all of us an amazing opportunity to share ideas, meet and work together. …

    July 22nd • Business • Views: 133

  • These 7 Things Help Stop Spam


    I’m on a rant and a mission. I know, its public domain and it’s really hard to control it, not enough real rules in place, or people enforcing them, except ourselves, BUT, there is an unspoken etiquette and there has to be an understood protocol and way we respect each others online and web worlds. …

    July 15th • Business • Views: 267

  • Zen Principles of Business Success


    I consider myself someone who deeply cares about giving back to the community, people, and world that supports me. It’s just great Karma and Zen. If you ask me how all this intangible stuff works, I will tell you it just does. There is something about putting the right energy and intent out that just …

    July 7th • Business • Views: 117

  • 11 Things You Should Do In The 15 Minutes Before A Job Interview


    The 15 minutes before a job interview can be harrowing. Job seekers are never quite sure what to do with that time — but experts suggest that you look in a mirror, take deep breaths, and do whatever else it takes to get focused and stay calm. “Those 15 minutes are your opportunity to get yourself …

    June 25th • Business • Views: 133

  • Why Zappos Is Becoming The Best Company For Gen Y


    Republished with permission from Dan Schawbel. There’s always been a lot of buzz about Zappos, the billion dollar retail company run by Tony Hsieh and owned by Amazon. While their products aren’t the cheapest, they’ve won the hearts and minds of their customers over by developing an impressive customer service operation. They’ve also built a …

    June 18th • Business • Views: 128

  • How Indispensible Are You?


    How do you become indispensable? What kind of experience do want customers to have with you and your business? The impact of customer retention is felt in 3 ways according to the Small Business Administration. 1) Profitability: 5-20% more expensive to find a new customer than to keep one. 2) Revenue: just 5% more retention can …

    June 11th • Business • Views: 97