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  • Automation: Brand Builder Or Brand Killer For You?


    *+-I really enjoyed reading the article, Press “3″ If Automation is Making You Crazy, on the Harvard Business Review by co-founder of Fast Company, William C. Taylor . ABC’s 2020 just did a segment on more and more disgruntled customers posting personal horror stories online about their interactions with customer service representatives at call enters. …

    May 19th • Business • Views: 91

  • 10 Ways to Accessorize Your Brand!


    *+-In the fashion and design worlds, accessorizing makes an outfit or a room pop! It’s that splash of color, pattern or grouping that catches the eye and grabs the emotion. There are several essential items that every woman should have in her wardrobe: a cardigan, hoop earrings, black pumps, hair ties, scarves, sunglasses, and purses. …

    May 12th • Business • Views: 183

  • Social Media Etiquette Should Define, Not Defame You


    *+-What are your social media etiquette rules? Do you have them for your community and the media’s you engage with them on? The 2012 Presidential election really opened my eyes, as to how important it is to create rules and content boundaries and how to use settings to control and enforce them. It was during …

    May 5th • Business • Views: 322

  • 5 Ways to Keep Millenial Consumers Happy: Infographic

    *+-By: COS Sales and Deborah Shane I recently was contacted to by COS Sales in London to collaborate on an infographic and article on Millenial consumers. Enjoy the infographic and an exerpt from the article: 1. Make Your Products & Services Useful & Affordable Millennial consumers had to absorb the impact of the 2008 financial …

    April 27th • Business • Views: 329

  • Move Through Change and Dance With It


    *+-The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. ~Alan Watts I’m going to riff a little today on this quote by British philosopher Alan Watts, which really grabbed me because of how simple, playful and fun its message is. It gave me …

    April 22nd • Business • Views: 339

  • Shapers and Turning Points Are Our Compass


    *+-When I think back to the turning points in my life and business, I clearly remember feeling a queasy fear of the unknown and that things were about to shift as I had known them. We’re never quite ready and there’s never a perfect time for change, but change happens when it’s supposed to. The …

    April 21st • Business • Views: 335