Career Transition: a Beginning and an Adventure

Today we launched our next round of Career Transition Workshops, designed to help people ramp up and sharpen all the skills necessary to find a job, compete for a job or launch their own business. The group we had today for our Personal Skills module were representative of the diversity of those displaced in the workplace: Single Moms, women who have been out of the job market to raise their kids, recently layed off educated professionals.

Today’s content covered mindset and attitude, your internal job description, dynamic and personal cover letters, functional resumes and being bold.

10 highlights..

~Have a glass is half full attitude.
~Don’t waste time and energy on things you can’t control.
~Find your passion, gifts, and fascinations and lead with them.
~Research and explore non traditional ways to connect your essence and passion to your next job.
~Make your cover letter more personal and natural and let it tell your story.
~Use a functional resume that highlights your assets, qualities and what you can do.
~Lead with those “functional skills” at the top of your resume.
~Be Bold about how you are going to stand out and make a difference.
~Honor yourself and all your accomplishments from the smallest to the biggest.
~Believe in yourself and the value you bring to the table as a human being


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