• 6 Activities Deliver Unexpected Customer Experiences


    What is the customer experience you want your customers to have with you and you want to be known for? What are the best practices that you must use to deliver that experience? Excellent and exceptional customer service is expected today. What’s going to get people’s attention, compliments and referrals is the UNEXPECTED, thinking ahead …

    February 20th • Business • Views: 119

  • Link Up, Link In and Link Out!


    Networking is about meeting people you have commonality, synergy, potential and chemistry with. Linking is how you do that. The image of world leaders marching in Paris, after the Charlie Hebdo attack, arms linked is a stunning visual of this. People linking together in the commonality of beliefs, causes and ideas. You meet, then link …

    February 17th • Business • Views: 141

  • Accountability Helps Us Count on Each Other


    A steadfast accountability is the best antidote to tempering volatility. It’s really easy today to get off track, distracted and behind. The demands of being an outstanding worker, a small business owner, or a top professional although better are still quite daunting and demanding today. No matter what stage of life or career one is …

    February 4th • Business • Views: 286

  • Gen Y Stepping Into The Entrepreneurial Spotlight


    I’m a Baby Boomer who has ignored the glass ceiling, age bias and consider myself an active, current example that “Women are The New Power Demo”. Jamie Gutfreund of the Intelligence Group says “Generation Y was raised with a different perspective. Their Boomer parents taught them that their opinions are important. So they have an …

    January 28th • Business • Views: 313

  • Benefits of Being Active Online During Holidays


    For many businesses, holidays especially in December is a make or break month especially in retail and hospitality. But for those of us in professional services and other non retail categories, it’s an opportunity to take a break and take a “tech fast”. The online world will certainly be there when we return and although …

    January 28th • Business • Views: 294

  • How Are You Branding Your Characteristics and Intangibles?


    A job post of today reads something like this: 20+ year company seeking sales professional with minimum 5 years of a proven sales success in increasing new business, expanding sales territory, categories of new business, existing account spending, displays a high level of loyalty, plays and works well with others, is a creative thinker, entrepreneurial …

    January 14th • Business • Views: 471