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What Makes You Stand Out When Job Hunting?

“You have to become a premium item in a generic market.” ~ Tom Hopkins This is one of my favorite quotes from world renown motivational speaker Tom Hopkins, that has guided and motivated me over my career. Millions of Americans are currently unemployed, which makes the job environment very competitive. But now is also the most […]

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Common Sense Keys For Creating Your Career Success Story

The story of our careers, work and jobs continues to be written and told by all of us living it. 2008-2010 were tumultuous, paradigm shift years that most of us had never known, seen or experienced in our lifetime. We were all forced to deal with change on just about every level of our personal and professional lives. […]

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My New BooK #trusthewhy Coming Soon

My second book #trusthewhy® Fundamentals, Values and Humor Gets You Through Anything  is publishing soon. I have always thought of myself as a “spiritual entrepreneur” Kindness is my superpower. Giving it, receiving it and encouraging it. A spiritual entrepreneur believes “you can’t keep it unless you give it away”. That serving and helping people, being […]

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Make Your Career Shift in 5 Steps

You have been toying with the idea of doing  something else with your career and work but you are paralyzed with fear. Don’t be! Jobs and careers are better now because people are taking more responsibility for making them happen. Yes optimism is up, attitude is better, there is more opportunity, but finding jobs and […]

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End The 9 To 5 Workday Once And For All

Printed with permission from Dan Schawbel. I’m a huge supporter of workplace flexibility and of ending the 9 to 5 traditional workday. Workplace flexibility isn’t just beneficial to millennials but to everyone working at a company from the intern to the CEO. I recently received an email from my friend who works for a technology […]

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Relevance: A Branding Essential for Career Advancement

Getting and staying relevant has played into my own career change but even more importantly relevance is an essential key to navigate the very different career and job world today. Without being relevant to this current landscape and process you will not progress or succeed. Relevance is about being applicable, ready, prepared. I ask you: […]

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