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Women in the Workforce: How Gender Diversity Can Benefit Your Business

I was recently interviewed by Entelo, for this article which on their blog celebrating Women’s History Month. For over 100 years, women and their contributions to the good of this planet have been celebrated all over the world throughout March, Women’s History Month. Yet, despite the progress women have made through history, in human rights, […]

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Common Sense Keys For Creating Your Career Success Story

The story of our careers, work and jobs continues to be written and told by all of us living it. 2008-2010 were tumultuous, paradigm shift years that most of us had never known, seen or experienced in our lifetime. We were all forced to deal with change on just about every level of our personal and professional lives. […]

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digital sisterhood

The Top 100 Digital Sisters of 2013

I am honored to be included on this list of accomplished, diverse, difference makers as one of the Empoweristas! Check out these women thought leaders who have claimed their place in the digital space! The Digital Sisterhood Network is proud to announce the 2013 Digital Sisters of the Year. They represent the #DigitalSisterhood 100. Each Digital […]

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End The 9 To 5 Workday Once And For All

Printed with permission from Dan Schawbel. I’m a huge supporter of workplace flexibility and of ending the 9 to 5 traditional workday. Workplace flexibility isn’t just beneficial to millennials but to everyone working at a company from the intern to the CEO. I recently received an email from my friend who works for a technology […]

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Gen y

74 Of The Most Interesting Facts About The Millennial Generation

Published with permission from Dan Schawbel. Throughout the years, I’ve collected some of the most interesting primary and secondary research related to the millennial generation (also termed Gen Y). These stats shed lights on how the economy has affected their lives, their values, how they view the workplace, their consumer and investing habits, political views […]

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Takeaways,Tips and Memories From Blogher13

I discovered the Blogher community in 2009. I was getting very serious about my ToolBox Blog and through research and making connections, I started reading and following this community to learn more about what blogging was about. I have written several featured articles for them and have attended and spoken at the Blogher national conferences […]

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