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What Makes You Stand Out When Job Hunting?

“You have to become a premium item in a generic market.” ~ Tom Hopkins This is one of my favorite quotes from world renown motivational speaker Tom Hopkins, that has guided and motivated me over my career. Millions of Americans are currently unemployed, which makes the job environment very competitive. But now is also the most […]

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Work Life Integration: The New Norm

Gone are the days when you could come home from the office and unplug. We are now living in a 24/7, seven day a week, always connected business environment. Your company doesn’t stop running when you leave the office or when you go on vacation. For the past few decades, journalists, authors, speakers and executives […]

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Icon14- The Ultimate Event For Small Business Success

I received an invitation to attend  Infusionsoft’s 8th annual Icon14 confernence in Phoenix for this year, not only as an entrepreneur but as part of the media. This opened up another door for me to use and apply the media, writing and content skills I have with both traditional and new media to support and […]

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Common Sense Keys For Creating Your Career Success Story

The story of our careers, work and jobs continues to be written and told by all of us living it. 2008-2010 were tumultuous, paradigm shift years that most of us had never known, seen or experienced in our lifetime. We were all forced to deal with change on just about every level of our personal and professional lives. […]

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My New BooK #trusthewhy Coming Soon

My second book #trusthewhy® Fundamentals, Values and Humor Gets You Through Anything  is publishing soon. I have always thought of myself as a “spiritual entrepreneur” Kindness is my superpower. Giving it, receiving it and encouraging it. A spiritual entrepreneur believes “you can’t keep it unless you give it away”. That serving and helping people, being […]

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What’s Your Action Plan?

What’s your action plan for the first 6 months of this year? Hopefully your intentions are set for what you want to see happen this year and the things you need to have in place so that they do happen are too. Now it’s about setting things in motion. Here are 5 Things That Can […]

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