• 7 Skills You Should Develop Before You Graduate

    College was by far the warmest, safest womb and time of my life when discipline, responsibility and accountability kicked in enough to study, pass and graduate, in between of course having a blast in life. So many firsts in college. Loves, experiences, friendships, ah-ha moments. I never wanted it to end, but of course it …

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  • Myth: Networking means approaching people you don’t know


    This originally published on LinkedIn. Meeting new people is a significant part of networking, but meeting up with and tapping people you already know is a fundamental and fruitful part of networking. I relocated to the Tampa Bay area, to be closer to my family in Jan 2013. The good news is I knew people …

    August 6th • Business, Networking, Success • Views: 727

  • Optimism is Your Brand’s Best Friend


    This originally published on LinkedIn. “One of the things I learned the hard way was that it doesn’t pay to get discouraged. Keeping busy and making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself”. Lucille Ball Lucille Ball was not only a comedic genius, but a very wise woman. Let’s face it, …

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  • Social Media Code of Conduct


    I have been in media pretty much all my adult working life through my careers in education, entertainment, broadcast radio and small business. Traditional media including TV, cable, radio and print, now integrated and led by online, web and social media, offer all of us an amazing opportunity to share ideas, meet and work together. …

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  • These 7 Things Help Stop Spam


    I’m on a rant and a mission. I know, its public domain and it’s really hard to control it, not enough real rules in place, or people enforcing them, except ourselves, BUT, there is an unspoken etiquette and there has to be an understood protocol and way we respect each others online and web worlds. …

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  • Zen Principles of Business Success


    I consider myself someone who deeply cares about giving back to the community, people, and world that supports me. It’s just great Karma and Zen. If you ask me how all this intangible stuff works, I will tell you it just does. There is something about putting the right energy and intent out that just …

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