• Move Through Change and Dance With It


    +-*The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. ~Alan Watts I’m going to riff a little today on this quote by British philosopher Alan Watts, which really grabbed me because of how simple, playful and fun its message is. It gave me …

    April 6th • Business • Views: 372

  • A Warm Smile and Hello Leads To A Million Things


    +-*Are you relocating, moving, changing jobs, re-entering the work world or retiring? Then start networking way before to meet new people and make new connections. By the time you start, get there or transition you will feel like you know people. Never under estimate the power of an introduction, a warm smile and a simple …

    March 18th • Business • Views: 489

  • Podcast Highlights 2014


    +-*  I’ve been hosting my award winning Top 100 Small Biz Podcast (2013-14) since 2008 and am proud of all the guests we have hosted. They are best of the best authors, entrepreneurs, professionals, companies, marketers and journalists, sharing on careers, small business, entrepreneurship, social media, content marketing. We are over a half million+ downloads …

    March 4th • Business • Views: 496

  • The Things That Changed Me


    +-*Another year has flown by in lightenting speed. I’ve navigated some storms but lived out more dreams. Whatever the challenge, I’ve found some solutions. It continues to come down to faith and execution. Life continues to teach me so many things. That I am resilient and kind and how much I believe. This year opened …

    February 27th • Business • Views: 578

  • 6 Activities Deliver Unexpected Customer Experiences


    +-*What is the customer experience you want your customers to have with you and you want to be known for? What are the best practices that you must use to deliver that experience? Excellent and exceptional customer service is expected today. What’s going to get people’s attention, compliments and referrals is the UNEXPECTED, thinking ahead …

    February 20th • Business • Views: 595

  • Link Up, Link In and Link Out!


    +-*Networking is about meeting people you have commonality, synergy, potential and chemistry with. Linking is how you do that. The image of world leaders marching in Paris, after the Charlie Hebdo attack, arms linked is a stunning visual of this. People linking together in the commonality of beliefs, causes and ideas. You meet, then link …

    February 17th • Business • Views: 558